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Estimation of fees available by consultation with Dr. K. L. Chong, DDS.

Crowns and bridges restore and replace broken, damaged, or missing teeth.


  • Functional
    • Crowns and bridges can help you to chew better and restore chewing function
    • Live healthier and improve quality of life, especially for elderly
  • Aesthetical
    • Improve aesthetic and restore appearance of teeth and smile
  • Economical
    • More economical than implants

For teeth with decay without internal nerve infection or exposure.

Fill with either light bonding composite or amalgam silver.

For teeth with internal injury, nerve exposure with acute pain, i.e. from fracture or injury or huge cavity reaching the pulp chamber.

For teeth that cannot be restored or saved by root canal treatment, e.g. excessive tooth structure loss from fracture.

Device/appliance for missing one or multiple teeth in either the upper or lower jaws.

Can be removable or fixed dentures by using the support of implants for edentulous patients.

For fixed restoration with titanium metal solid screw post embedded inside jawbone and then a tooth-coloured crown fit on top.

Mainly to remove dental plaque and calculus which are the major irritants to gingival gum tissues,  major causes of gum disease and especially gum bleeding and recession.

Major tool for assisting diagnosis of dental disease especially for abscess and infection and jawbone disease.

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Estimation of Fees Available by consultation

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